Tuesday, December 28, 2010

11 Dec 2010 D-1 day

We have never been sooooo last minute. Pat bought his parka yesterday mainly to allay my worries. How could I not be ? The weather indicator has been sliding, causing me more alarm than the Asian currency crisis. The last thing I want is for Pat to be frozen in Munich. Arrival on a no-shopping Sunday is an issue especially when he is traveling just with a cashmere sweater and a waterproof outer coat. To say it is protection against the elements of -10C is stretching the sweater too far.

A run down before heading to the airport tonight :

Call Emirates to get complimentary Dubai hotel vouchers for return trip. Collection is at Changi airport Emirates counter, the sweet girl says.
Log on to Emirates, check in and print boarding pass. Check.
Sort out our monies. USD for Dubai shopping spree and Euros for Europe's. SGD for taxi fares. Check.
Sort out our credit cards. Record numbers and call center numbers. Xerox passports. Check. Check.
Bring H's student pass for discounts. Check.
Check outgoing flight status. As scheduled. Report at Changi T1 Row 2. SMS alert when EK405 leaves Melbourne for Singapore. Check.
Note telephone contacts for Munich hotel. Check.
Pack netbook charger, tour books, personal effects into hand luggage. Check.
Top up H's phone card. Check.

The longer I wait for tonight's takeoff, the more things I stuff in my bag. This is looking more like a migration than a holiday. Can't wait for holiday to commence.

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